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Political Barbed Wire

Political Barbed Wire.

Isn’t it interesting how much we don’t know in this ‘information age’?

This ownership of great tracts of land – and housing – by a minority which under current governmental manipulations, sets the agenda for lawbreaking, disingenuous misinformation or outright erasure of reality.

Of course it would be crass to remind ourselves that the same minority who now govern access to property, capital and thus power, also limit our access to employment, define our salary levels and manipulate the information systems which set the level and content of popular discourse.

Where do they find the time.

This is 21st C Enclosure; the removal of communal access to land and community power, the removal of the right to secure housing and the opportunity to provide for oneself and ones community. Removing our ability to support ourselves independently funnels our expenditure back to the very minority who profit from our dependence.

This pattern of social control ought to be  familiar, where the majority are controlled by a minority and taught to keep themselves in a position of powerless low income amid arguable ignorance of the reality of  their own status.

We exist within a new Feudal System, but we are blinded to it by the shine on our TV screens and laptops.

The  swaggering arrogance of ministers appointed to protect their own interests, suggests that this will not change anytime soon.


Spare Rib magazine to be relaunched by Charlotte Raven

So excited I had to spread the news to all 6 of you. The time is so very right. I remember rummaging through old copies as a child and wishing I was rich, cool, big and brave enough to buy one.
Welcome back, we missed you.

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Labour is hard work

Labour is hard work.

This is not exactly in line with my feelings on the matter, but is pretty close – in particular the lovely statement, ‘the centre is not the centre because you call it that’. I do admire the clarity, honesty and eloquence of this, when I grow up, I’d like to write as well as this.

I do share the pining for politicians with the courage to be publicly passionate, angry, driven by their ideals and beliefs, demonstrating integrity above the need to hold onto power and money. That is what I crave more than, almost, anything.

Come on all you Lions and Lionesses of the leftish, get bloody angry. We are… and we’re  waiting for you to catch up.

Let Me Explain Mervyn:

Let Me Explain Mervyn:

The Mysterious Disappearance of Jobs and Skills

Finally, in response to my Where did the Left go?’ post, the answer. This raises hope, perhaps I hear the sound of worms turning.

Think Left

The Mysterious Disappearance of Jobs and Skills

When Norman Tebbit made a notorious comment that jobs could be easily found merely by hopping onto a bike, he made an assumption that it would solve unemployment because that’s father what his did, apparently. He repeated such advice this February by saying if Eastern Europeans migrate for work, why can’t the Brits?

How starkly this contrasts with what we are hearing Tory back benchers cry in the wake recent success of UKIP! Are we seeing a sudden surge to the extreme political right and 1930s divisions in society as ordinary people blame one another for high rates of unemployment, increasing poverty and unaffordable housing?

Deborah Orr (Guardian) comments: People are told EU migrants steal jobs – in truth bosses want cheap labour . People are told that immigrants stole their jobs. In truth, it was employers who wanted a ready supply…

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