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Political Barbed Wire

Political Barbed Wire.

Isn’t it interesting how much we don’t know in this ‘information age’?

This ownership of great tracts of land – and housing – by a minority which under current governmental manipulations, sets the agenda for lawbreaking, disingenuous misinformation or outright erasure of reality.

Of course it would be crass to remind ourselves that the same minority who now govern access to property, capital and thus power, also limit our access to employment, define our salary levels and manipulate the information systems which set the level and content of popular discourse.

Where do they find the time.

This is 21st C Enclosure; the removal of communal access to land and community power, the removal of the right to secure housing and the opportunity to provide for oneself and ones community. Removing our ability to support ourselves independently funnels our expenditure back to the very minority who profit from our dependence.

This pattern of social control ought to be  familiar, where the majority are controlled by a minority and taught to keep themselves in a position of powerless low income amid arguable ignorance of the reality of  their own status.

We exist within a new Feudal System, but we are blinded to it by the shine on our TV screens and laptops.

The  swaggering arrogance of ministers appointed to protect their own interests, suggests that this will not change anytime soon.


Where Did The Left Go?

I have been at various times, baffled, infuriated, disgusted and distraught by the apparent spinelessness of the political Left in this country – and elsewhere – in the last few years. Lets face it, since the Conservative government ushered in the age of greed and the return of the undeserving poor in the 80’s, we have careened down the slippery slope of a brutal capitalism that uses the freedom chant to blind us to its consequences.

The access to power and capital has been inexorably removed from all but the minority. The Left have become ashamed of their beliefs in a corporate media creation of a society which is not one.

In this new in-humane world, Socialism has become a dirty word and the political Left have hamstrung themselves out of fear of both their own origins and the dominantly Right of centre media. Between Scylla and Charybdis they row in circles getting wetter by the minute and going nowhere.

While they wring their hands in apology – for what I am not entirely sure despite the Mail’s attempt to convince me- there is a substantial chunk of society hurling tow ropes at them, prepared to back any group who have the courage to stand for humanity in a mad world …If only the Left would stop flapping and get on with rowing.

In the meantime the 50% of the population earning less than £25k pa are abandoned to the reactionary delusions of people who are creating a newly brutal definition of the term double-speak. For those who aren’t clear, that means using benign language to describe something which is cruel and destructive.

This article is an interesting take on this perspective. A reminder that the Left is real, does exist and continues to rail against devastation being wrought around us, albeit that we are being censored by silence  in the mainstream.

We are still here, just keep swimming…

Please read and enjoy.

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