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Short note to Andrew Kaveney and his posh whackadoodles

via Short note to Andrew Kaveney and his posh whackadoodles


HUNT DELAYS ACCOUNTABLE CARE…. Until Sara Woollaston MP and the Health Select Committee gives him the nod…

Check out @nhenews’s Tweet:

Foucault and social media: life in a virtual panopticon

Living in a state of permanent internal and external  visibility.

We have created a real and virtual panopticon, it has become the state of our existence.

Did we mean to do this, or have we sleep walked into relentless perpetual unavoidable control by over-exposure?

Who writes the rules for this control?

Did Foucault forsee this and would he be shocked to know how we have skipped voluntarily into handing over our own locii of control?


This is the first instalment in a three-part series. Part 2. I tweet, therefore I become Part 3. The call of the crowd ———————————&…

Source: Foucault and social media: life in a virtual panopticon

How the village cleans a beach

Notes from the U.K.

I hate to get all hopeful and upbeat on you—it messes with my carefully cultivated image as a crank—but I attended a village event that could leave a careless person feeling good about life. At least briefly.

It was a beach cleanup, and this is how it came into being: For about a year (you know better than to think that number’s accurate, right?), J. and P. did spontaneous, two-minute beach cleans on their own, and as everyone who isn’t me does these days, they posted about it on social media. Which led to people wanting to join in. Some of them might even have done it. I went never got past the thinking stage.

Irrelevant photo: meadowsweet, a wildflower that was once used to flavor mead. Or so my flower book tells me. Irrelevant photo: Meadowsweet, a wildflower that was once used to flavor mead. Or so my flower book tells me.

Eventually, they organized a weekly beach cleanup, making it easier for people to join them. And that led to some organization or…

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Excess Winter Mortality in England and Wales | Politics and Insights

In the week hospitals across England are full up, Are We Still Safe in Their Hands?

I Have Lived My Entire Life In War

        “I have lived my entire life in war.

        “My childhood was spent under the stairs, in the second world war and we survived until a U bomb destroyed our house.
These days that would be called a drone of course and approved of… with somebody steering it remote control from a basement, that’s all o.k. it seems.

        “After the war when Winston Churchill called the Labour Party fascists for wanting to create the NHS and build a new society for everyone… for everyone who had fought and died, for their families to have a new future, one that hadn’t existed before…

        “Churchill called us fascists.

        “Then after that from Suez, through every war since, with America, against anyone who stood in our way we have come to the Oil Wars. That’s what these will be called through the eyes of History, a planet killing each other over oil.

        “Why are we doing it again? There is no case, no exit plan, no ground troops, no defined allied agreement, no defined allies, no attempt to shut off the money supply nor to stop trading arms with their greatest suppliers of weapons and money.

        “We have no voice to stop this now, we have emailed and questioned and we are ignored. There is no democracy when the media have the loudest voice and all others are drowned out. There is no justice.

        “They are cheering and laughing the Tories, warmongering for greed and cheap political gain. They have never changed.

        “Churchill called us Fascists for wanting healthcare and homes.

        “Cameron calls us Terrorist Sympathisers for wanting a clear allied plan before we ask our Armed Forces to kill in our name, but he is no Churchill. Cameron is playing bread and war with us all.

        “‘Terrorist Sympathisers’ for wanting answers before we spend money that could build homes and hospitals, dropping bombs on trapped civilians.”

These were the words of an astonishing couple, in their 80’s, married for almost 60 years, working in and for their communities their entire lives, brilliant, intelligent, passionately humane, with simple Socialist ideals they hold to be right and to the benefit of us all, equally.

They stood pale, bemused and despairing the night of the vote and asked what they could do, who they could contact
… to stop the gallop to war

… to shut down the jet engines already fuelled and running on the tarmac

… to think, to clarify

… to be sure we will not do more harm.

We had no answer to give.
There is no one.


Breaking – Community Health Services in Cornwall contract update

Firstly, Deborah Hopkins the UNITE speaker on the day has just brought us some glad tidings for Christmas: last night Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group announced that they had awarded the contract to a local NHS consortium made up of Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust and Kernow Health Community Interest Company – you can read all about it here

Now the fight is joined to guarantee Fair Funding for Cornwall’s Healthcare.
currently receiving some of the lowest funding in the country, Cornwall is facing a Tory created, secret DevoHealth deal.
In the context of 40% Local Government cuts and ongoing 6% Health funding cuts, DevoHealth must be Fully Funded and fit for purpose.
The Devolution of Failure cannot happen
Watch this space.

Reflections on the day

Geoff Barr, KONP Devon has shared some brief observations on the day – all of them positive  – and you can read them here

Workshop  feedback

We now have our first record of one of the workshops – the health and social care workshop – which you can read here>>>

One simple action you can take now

At the beginning of the day, Rik Evans spoke with urgency and passion about the need to exercise our ‘patient choice’ and write to our GP saying you want any future treatment to be with the NHS not a private provider. Geoff Barr has since followed this up with a letter template that you can download and use for this purpose. Join me today in taking this action click here>>>

Our thanks to Alive Music for their PA system

A conference this size could not have been managed without an effective PA system and we want to thank Dan, the owner of Alive Music Studios for providing us an excellent kit and for being in contact through the day offering support should we have needed it.  

Key reading

Last but not least: Jan urges us to read 2 excellent papers, produced by the Centre for Health and the Public Interest (CHPI), Democratic Engagement in The Local NHS by Sally Ruane and At What Cost? Paying the Price for The Market In The NHS by Calum Paton. The latter is especially likely to be useful in marshalling arguments we all need to use against  privatisation of the NHS

Gavin Barker

NHS and Social Care Campaigners Workshop | 14 November 2015, Bodmin

NHS and Social Care Campaigners Workshop | 14 November 2015, Bodmin

Child poverty in the UK | Future for Cornwall

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